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Interested in being part of a Nine/Rose ficathon that's focused on their crazy adventures, rather than just the smut?

Swing over to [ profile] hearts_in_time at this post:

:) Prompts! We need prompts!

(goes back to finishing her Support Stacie fics)
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Title: The Choice
Author: [ profile] measi
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: All Ages
Spoilers: None - happens during Series One
Beta: [ profile] talonscar... getting sucked into his wife's enjoyment of fic. (grins evily)
Author Notes: This was written for the "More than Friends" ficathon on [ profile] hearts_in_time. Prompts used were: The Lovers tarot card and "The Doctor finds Rose wearing his leather jacket." Standard disclaimers about how I'm poor and don't own anything applies.

The Choice

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Title: Becoming Unravelled
Gift for: [ profile] swankkat
Pairing: 10.5/Rose
Rating: Definitely Adult
Spoilers: Through Journey's End
Warnings: Mmmm.... graphic sex....
Beta: [ profile] talonscar, who's bewildered a bit by this whole fic thing I think!
Summary: Seduction by scarf, Christmas Style
Author's Notes: This was written for the 2008 Secret Santa on [ profile] oh_she_knows. Prompts given were a red scarf, and extra points if 10.5 was used. I hope this meets approval, m'dear! :) Obligatory disclaimers that I'm poor and don't own anything other than my own words applies.

Becoming Unravelled

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Yes, I know you do! :) So please come join the holiday ficathon over at [ profile] hearts_in_time and spread some Nine/Rose love. :)
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Title : Healing
Rating : Teen (PG13-ish)
Gift for : [ profile] rachelbeann
Betas: [ profile] swankkat and [ profile] aibhinn
Summary: The Doctor’s thoughts meander during a long night.
Prompt: Rose wandering off (again). Protective!Nine angst and a somewhat happy ending.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] hearts_in_time ficathon.

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