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I've decided to make a friends cut today.

Bottom line is this - I enjoy talking with other people, including those who do disagree with me, provided that we can exchange thoughts in a respectful manner. However, I also consider my journal a sanctuary for my own thoughts, and wish to be able to express them comfortably. When I feel uncomfortable, I need to solve that issue.

A lot of this discomfort comes from Doctor Who fandom. I should not need to justify that I am enjoying a tv show, nor that I am excited by the changes that are upcoming in the show, while also being sad that another era is ending. I do not feel that I should have to choose between the two. Enjoying the Doctor/Rose ship is not something that should prohibit me from also enjoying Moffat's work. Frankly, it doesn't. I really don't care to defend Moffat's decisions or his work, particularly to people who hate him so much that such discussions are pointless.

There are things on LJ that I just don't want to read about. Particularly with another year before Who is back full time, and especially once the series starts up again. And likewise, I don't think those who so strongly disagree with me should have to read my thoughts that they disagree with so strongly.

We've gone in different directions, and that's okay. You have every right to post what you want, how you want. But I need to disconnect because of it.

I wish those I've had to defriend best wishes for the future, and I'm sorry for my shortcomings that I'm simply too uncomfortable with what you're posting, and too uncomfortable knowing that someone who disagrees with me so strongly has access to all of my thoughts.
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I've done a bit of friends list tidying - removing dead journals, long silent ones or ones where friends have switched to new names, abandoning old journals, etc.

If I deleted you in error or you're someone who hasn't used LJ in a while and are coming back, drop me a line.


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