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One of my friends is forced to work from home this month due to a back injury & required physical training appointments... and so he's looking to offload his T pass for March 2009.

It's Zone 8, which means it's good for EVERYWHERE in the system - all trains, all busses, all harbor boats, all commuter rail lines. Retail price is $250. Best offer will get it.

If you are looking for one, please give me a heads up and I'll get you in contact with him.


May. 30th, 2008 09:25 am
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So Erich calls me on my commute into work this morning to tell me that the J. Hook fishery building in Boston burnt to the ground last night. 7 alarm fire, despite being literally RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the largest fire station in Boston.

[Boston Globe Story]

The J. Hook building is next door to my office. Only thing between us is the crosswalk for Seaport Ave.

I get to the city, and I can smell the smoke at South Station.

I get to my office, and there are still 10 trucks and a fireboat on the scene. The entire building is gutted, still smouldering heavily, and the center is collasped.

Yet my office is still open.

I'm sending some photos from my phone to my email... will get them uploaded. And maybe will snatch some of the ones from fellow employees on our shared drive. My photos and some of my co-workers' photos from our office reception area here.

I'm going to miss their lobster rolls and crab cakes. ;(


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