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A bit about me
Hi all-- My name's Melissa, although I generally go by either Mel or Measi (both on and offline). I'm a thirty-something Montanan living in New England, USA, along with my husband and our six feline masters. I'm a secretary by day, cross-stitcher, writer, and World of Warcraft addict by night.

My blog
My LJ blog is probably about 60% fandom and 40% life in general. More important stuff, and all of my older journal entries from my Diary-X days, are posted to my now much neglected blog at measi(dot)net. I keep a backup of my LJ at InsaneJournal under the same screen name.

Fanfic writing
Currently, I'm focused on Doctor Who, although some scribbles of X-Files, Firefly, Heroes, etc. may show up if I'm inspired. I have in-progress draft work under a friend's lock and fanfic filter. I'm not exclusive as to who reads the in-progress work- if you'd like to read, help beta, etc., just leave a message in my journal requesting access (make sure to mention it's for fanfic, or I'll forget to add you to that filter).

Final copies of my fic are located in my LJ blog, a backup at InsaneJournal, at one or more of the following locations, depending on fandom:

The Gossamer Project

Doctor Who
The Zero Room

New Friends - are always welcome! Please COMMENT on my journal if you want to friend me, and where you "found" me (so I know where we've met, either off or online).

David Tennant moodtheme was created by [profile] dawniky, modified slightly by me. :)
Animated Doctor Who moodtheme was created by [profile] watcher_junior, and I'm not good enough to modify it. :)
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