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We're having a very uneventful holiday here at the geek house. All playing World of Warcraft, munching on junk food, and just being lazy. We have no presents under the tree, so tomorrow will undoubtedly be very quiet as well.

I'm rooting for Chinese food tomorrow, and then will make some sort of a yummy roast for dinner on Friday night (since I have no money for groceries at the moment).

I hope those celebrating have a very Merry Christmas. :)
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... which is different than stuffing in that it's not edible. Mostly.

First - safe and happy travels & happy feasting for all celebrating Thanksgiving this week. :)

Traffic was wonderfully light between Providence and Boston today coming in. I had to make the drive because my company is extremely generous and wonderful and bought us fresh turkeys for tomorrow's feast. And well - just picture me lugging a 20-24 lb. turkey on the MBTA.

Yeah... amusing, isn't it? And a tad weird and stupid.

So I threw a keg tub into the car (since it is a fresh turkey, and I don't know what the packaging is going to be like getting it home...), headed on up - got here somewhere in the 70-80 minute range, which is QUITE good for rush hour. I parked next door, since the mudlots are all torn up and have limited parking at the mo'.

And at some point in the next couple hours, they'll start passing out turkeys. I'll get the car out of hock, swing it around the building, pick up said turkey, go over to my post office box that hasn't been checked in months, get whatever mail is piled there, and start the 50+ mile trek back home.

Traffic may be interesting this afternoon... hopefully not too bad, but it is I-95. You never know.

My afternoon/evening will be spent thusly:

1) Cooking the brine for my turkey
2) Finishing up my beta read on fic - getting that back to the author
3) Getting a tablecloth & napkins for tomorrow's feast (I don't have enough with any of my sets and they're the wrong table shape)
4) Tidying up the house for tomorrow.
5) Getting turkey into the brine sometime 10-ish so it can soak overnight.

And if anyone's looking for recipes, here's the batch of ones I'm making:


Whee - turkeys are nearly ready! :) Rock! *runs off to get work done so she can go home*


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