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Due to a variety of reasons, many of my entries are locked to friends only.

I always welcome new friends, and I'm always interested in adding new ones myself - but due to the content I sometimes write behind f-lock, I don't friend everyone automatically.

If you'd like me to add you to my friends list, please comment below. Chances are that if we have things in common, you're active on your LJ, and you generally use decent English grammar in your entries... I'll be quick to say yes. :)

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Partially so I make sure everything's in order with my own files. Partially because this may actually be getting long enough for me to create a list (eep!)

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Since LJ is down, I guess I'll scribble over here. I suppose that cross-posting backup will be in order once LJ comes back up. *shrug* Comments are open - even if you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can comment. No need to sign in, since LJ isn't working. Just remember to stick your username on comments, of course.

I'm going to toss the slow-moving draft of [personal profile] wiggiemomsi's fic out the window today and start fresh. I think I've been trying to force too much on a draft that's just NOT working for me, and it's causing me to get even more stuck. I'll start new, and hopefully get this puppy moving.

I suppose stopping and starting fresh on a draft is one of the biggest lessons I still need to learn. I get myself so flustered trying to force a piece into being - I just need to accept that sometimes, it's not going to happen. Images and scenes can burst into being, but fizzle out.

Not that I won't save it in the draft folder, of course. I've managed to incorporate a couple scribblings into future pieces. It's not like it'll hurt things by sitting in the folder. That is one of the beautiful things about computers and organizing your files - you can keep these drafts to use for later ideas.


The Honda dealership just called - apparently the leather shift knob I ordered is in. I thought they'd put it on already, actually... and I kind of like the golf-ball waffle one that's on the car. It fits very comfortably in my hand. So I'll take a look and see what I think when we drive over there.

Driving to Newport is always a good thing. I think we'll take the other direction today, though & not do the tolls over the bridge. It's a strikingly beautiful drive that way. But the other way isn't bad, either.

I suppose I'll take advantage of LJ being down and maybe be productive today. :)
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Interesting... I just get a whole ton of code block errors when I try to load the page.

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Snagged from everybody...

1. Comment to this post with absolutely anything that you want to see of my real life.

2. I will post photographs of the requested items/people/places.
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My first new car
Originally uploaded by measi
I bought a TARDIS (aka a Honda Fit... or a Jazz if you're in certain countries). It's a light blue one - it came in the actual TARDIS blue, but none were in stock and I honestly loved this color equally, so I'm very happy. Manual transmission (my preferred, honestly), ability to use my iPod, leather shifter, and it's far bigger on the inside than you'd think.

I've already tripled its mileage - not hard when it had a whopping 20 as I drove it off the lot. Already plated with the ones I used on the Jeep and insured. The dealership's doing the registration for me.

But yes - this is my first purchased car... ever, and I'm very excited. *bouncing*

Oh, and random other note to follow up on my post this weekend - the Zero Room is back up and running normally. The server transfer and quality check is complete. :) I'll be doing my normal Wednesday backup tomorrow as scheduled. Glad I didn't have to do too much worrying about it.

*goes off bouncing*
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Apparently there's an SQL error on the site. Unfortunately, the site is also in the middle of being migrated to new digs within my service provider, so it's not allowing me to log in to fix it.

I'm hoping that the downtime is due to the migration - and I'm going to hold off doing too much about it until Tuesday, given that it's Memorial Day weekend. If it's still not back up on its own by Tuesday afternoon, I'll start looking into it further.

I do have a backup of the site that's 2 weeks old, and I know very few fics have been posted since then... so one way or the other, things should be ok.

Still - if you've been trying to get onto the website and can't, that's why.
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... and then a week off (first one since my UK trip in October) that will be full of planting, painting, and writing. :)

But first... dragons! Currently the orange egg is in need of the most clicking.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And second - join the Summer Adventure Ficathon over on [ profile] hearts_in_time! :)

Happy Memorial Weekend, fellow Yanks. :)
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Raised herb garden bed
Originally uploaded by measi
The first stage of planting is now in the ground - my herb garden is built (as you can see in the photo), and my veggies are now in their earthboxes.

This year's herbs include: thyme, sage, 4 types of basil, cilantro, dill, mint, lavender, garlic chives, and lemon balm (aka "melissa"). Vegetables include 3 types of tomato (beefsteak, roma, and chocolate cherry), green bell peppers, jalepenos, and cucumbers.

Photos of them and other stuff in my yard, including the daylilies of doom, are up on Flickr, too.

Sometime early next week I plan on getting flowers for pots around the yard - color is good! :) No idea what I'm planting yet - I'll just see what looks good and interesting at the nursery.

I've also added some photos to the Boston and Rhode Island sections, and finally got the photos from our trip to Chicago up. I haven't really gone through to delete bad ones yet... so there are quite a few crappy ones, I'm sure.
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Interested in being part of a Nine/Rose ficathon that's focused on their crazy adventures, rather than just the smut?

Swing over to [ profile] hearts_in_time at this post:

:) Prompts! We need prompts!

(goes back to finishing her Support Stacie fics)


May. 9th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Hooray! Dragons! :)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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I have seen it, and it is good. It breaks the odd-even theory, which is good... considering the tripe that was Nemesis. Do I think it's the best ever? No. I think Khan still reigns. But on any given day, I'd be tossing this around as number two or three, depending on my mood.

No spoilers in this post. I need to chew on thoughts for a while.

But yes, it's very enjoyable. If you enjoy Trek, breathe easy.
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FYI for anyone in the Boston metro area who might be interested. I'm honestly much more tempted by the Tom Baker offerings this round. Decisions, decisions...

Special Event
Hooked On Who III
9:30 PM

Continuing our new tradition of offering fans and their friends a chance to see some classic DOCTOR WHO episodes on the big screen, we offer our third installment in the HOOKED ON WHO series! This time we’ve added a special matinee time for those among us who might want to share some of the Doctor’s unique charms with a younger generation. Once again we divide our attention between the ‘classic’ Tom Baker years and the contemporary revival of the series starring the irrepressible David Tennant.

Friday, May 29th
Tom Baker as The Doctor in

Saturday, May 30th
Tom Baker as The Doctor in
David Tennant as The Doctor in

A donation of at least $5.00/night is required to reserve a seat for HOOKED ON WHO III. Donate at least $25.00 and reserve your limited edition HOOKED ON WHO T-Shirt. Your reservation information must be received by 8:00 PM on Friday 5/29! Additional seats may be available at each screening on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the address below to reserve your seat.
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First, clicks please? They're in dire need if they're going to grow up:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Second, thanks to [ profile] runpunkrun, I've acquired a dreamwidth account (same screenname). I don't plan on posting there at this time (I'm going to wait and see if the site actually develops well long-term), but wanted to reserve my name over there. I know a lot of people have had problems with LJ. I've been annoyed here and there, but honestly not enough to make another dramatic jump, so I'll be staying here.

So if you're over there, drop me a line on my lonely solitary post. :) If you're abandoning LJ for it, let me know so I'll make a note to check in over there.
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I will continue to post on LJ, but wanted to reserve an account over here for the future, in case Dreamwidth does show long-term promise.

If you are leaving LJ and will be posting here exclusively, please let me know so I can set up a feed. :)


Apr. 26th, 2009 12:40 pm
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Do not talk about happy fun tauren
Do not talk about happy fun tauren
Personally? I think I should raid like this all the time. I mean really - does it get any better than a Tauren with bunny ears? okay... Erich wearing the pink dress on his troll may be even better. heh.

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There was a multiple color one I didn't get. But all of these are new to me! :)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Clicks, please?
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Not sure which they are... but going under a cut, for obvious reasons:

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Apr. 11th, 2009 09:54 pm
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I swear, watching BU play hockey is always a bit of a heart attack waiting to happen.

It's great to see a hard-played, fast-skated game... reminds me a LOT of the games in the 1990s... most games I've seen @ Agganis or on TV recently haven't been anywhere near this level of play. Fantastic.

But ugh, don't SCARE me like this, guys.

My thumbs can't take the chewing anymore. ;P


Cue "Hey Baby" now... will ESPN have it playing?


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