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My first new car
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I bought a TARDIS (aka a Honda Fit... or a Jazz if you're in certain countries). It's a light blue one - it came in the actual TARDIS blue, but none were in stock and I honestly loved this color equally, so I'm very happy. Manual transmission (my preferred, honestly), ability to use my iPod, leather shifter, and it's far bigger on the inside than you'd think.

I've already tripled its mileage - not hard when it had a whopping 20 as I drove it off the lot. Already plated with the ones I used on the Jeep and insured. The dealership's doing the registration for me.

But yes - this is my first purchased car... ever, and I'm very excited. *bouncing*

Oh, and random other note to follow up on my post this weekend - the Zero Room is back up and running normally. The server transfer and quality check is complete. :) I'll be doing my normal Wednesday backup tomorrow as scheduled. Glad I didn't have to do too much worrying about it.

*goes off bouncing*
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Just FYI...

I'm currently doing a database/story backup and software update of The Zero Room. The site is currently in maintenance mode and is not accepting new stories.

I expect to have it back up within the next couple hours.

ETA: Upgrade and edits complete - Author review response now works, the database and story archive is backed up, and the most recent version of eFiction is installed.

Only weird thing now is that the spaces between "Most Recent" stories on the index page has disappeared.
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Just received an email from my service provider (FINALLY!!!) that the archive's permanent domain is up and running. They were quite apologetic and nice about it, which I appreciated.


For the moment, I've halted new submissions to the temporary domain. I'm hoping that everything that's there will be easy to transfer over to the new space. Thankfully, it's only 40 stories right now if that is a problem.

The new space will be at

Hold off making plugs until I get the stuff transferred, though! :)

Everything seems to have transferred - new stories can be submitted, and you should have no problems logging in. If you do find problems, let me know.


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