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The sum up? Meh.

I watched. I laughed in a couple of spots, but overall, this was a pretty forgettable episode with characters I didn't find a reason to care about, including, dare I say it... the Doctor. And that makes me concerned, because I felt the same way about the Christmas episode. Absolutely flat, with writing that just didn't make sense to me, and some out of character writing that makes me wonder if it's a good thing RTD is going... because I don't see evidence that this hiatus has been a good thing, making me long for more Who.

It started out well, I thought - with a funny little heist brilliantly executed with the twist that she just gets on the city bus and then is confronted with the most amusingly dangerous of Doctors - one hopped up on Easter candy.

Oddly, the wormhole is where it starts to go flat. Was the concept of an entire world obliterated by killer metallic manta rays too big for an hour? Or was it just not detailed enough for me to care much? I don't know - but it just didn't grab me.

Kristina was an annoying, stereotypical self-righteous little snot, with an arrogance and attitude that I wouldn't believe the Doctor would be complimenting... at all. She completely fell flat to me. Lady of what exactly? She just goes and robs artwork as a pastime, with no other motive... huh? And while maybe I'd buy she had a winch in that backpack (she had time to remove hers when she stole the cup?), and the hatchet works... but the shovel? No. Way too convenient.

Very thankful she's a one-shot "companion."

And then there's the Doctor - who just seemed so weirdly out of character here. Now, I do appreciate my heroes with shades of grey as far as morality, but letting Kristina escape the law at the end? NO. Flat out... no. Did not work for me, and I don't buy that he'd allow her to escape like that. I understand that the Doctor is not human, wouldn't react like a human - but if there's one thing I've learned about him, he does try to do the right thing, the honest thing.

On the up side, I thought UNIT got a bit of a better shake than the "something's wrong with them... don't trust them" from the end of S4. The commander pulling a gun seemed to shock a few other viewers, but in light of the high risk (never quite defined to the commander) against the world, it made sense to me. The mad scientist was adorable and stole every scene he was in. His conversations with the Doctor were probably the best parts of the episode, with the great banter I've come to associate with Doctor #10.

And the foreboding for what's to come was great. I wish the older African couple would have had a bit more to do in this episode... Carmen seemed to be a poor-woman's Deanna Troi, just stating over and over that she senses something terrible coming. :(

So yeah... not all that thrilled with it, having watched it twice. It was watchable, but just a bit stupid, IMHO. *sigh*

I think the biggest disappointment is that two in a row have not impressed me, and we only have three more with Tennant as the Doctor. Now, I'm up on some of the spoilers. I'm just hoping that the scripts are improved. I know that I'll be watching Doctor #11... but I'd like to see Doctor #10 go out on good episodes.

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