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Interested in being part of a Nine/Rose ficathon that's focused on their crazy adventures, rather than just the smut?

Swing over to [ profile] hearts_in_time at this post:

:) Prompts! We need prompts!

(goes back to finishing her Support Stacie fics)
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I have seen it, and it is good. It breaks the odd-even theory, which is good... considering the tripe that was Nemesis. Do I think it's the best ever? No. I think Khan still reigns. But on any given day, I'd be tossing this around as number two or three, depending on my mood.

No spoilers in this post. I need to chew on thoughts for a while.

But yes, it's very enjoyable. If you enjoy Trek, breathe easy.
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Want to see a smaller version of grassroots fundraising at its best? Come on over to the fanfic auction. More than double the authors of the December round, and almost 3 times the offered auctions, all for the great cause of helping a fan just like ourselves.

It runs through Monday - and you might just find a new favorite writer or discover that an old favorite is still around!

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The official plug... :)

I will be writing again for the Support Stacie Auction, being held April 3-6, 2009. (link above). I've pledged for one 5,000 word fic (bids will start at $10) in one of the three fandoms: Doctor Who, Torchwood, or X-Files. Prompts, rating, pairings, etc. are up to the winning bidder's choice. The only restrictions I've asked for are no requests for babyfic, wedding fic, or songfic, and if asking for a Doctor Who fic, please limit scope to sometime in the New Series, as my Classic Who isn't yet up to snuff for writing.


AND... ;)

my special offer for the auction is that if bids go above $100 for my fic, anyone bidding $100 or over will also get a fic of at least 1,000 words according to their requests as well, to be finished after the winning bidder's fic. (And knowing me... any of that fic is going to go at least 3,000 words, honestly).

So bid! Not just on me, though - bid on everyone! :)


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