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Since LJ is down, I guess I'll scribble over here. I suppose that cross-posting backup will be in order once LJ comes back up. *shrug* Comments are open - even if you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can comment. No need to sign in, since LJ isn't working. Just remember to stick your username on comments, of course.

I'm going to toss the slow-moving draft of [personal profile] wiggiemomsi's fic out the window today and start fresh. I think I've been trying to force too much on a draft that's just NOT working for me, and it's causing me to get even more stuck. I'll start new, and hopefully get this puppy moving.

I suppose stopping and starting fresh on a draft is one of the biggest lessons I still need to learn. I get myself so flustered trying to force a piece into being - I just need to accept that sometimes, it's not going to happen. Images and scenes can burst into being, but fizzle out.

Not that I won't save it in the draft folder, of course. I've managed to incorporate a couple scribblings into future pieces. It's not like it'll hurt things by sitting in the folder. That is one of the beautiful things about computers and organizing your files - you can keep these drafts to use for later ideas.


The Honda dealership just called - apparently the leather shift knob I ordered is in. I thought they'd put it on already, actually... and I kind of like the golf-ball waffle one that's on the car. It fits very comfortably in my hand. So I'll take a look and see what I think when we drive over there.

Driving to Newport is always a good thing. I think we'll take the other direction today, though & not do the tolls over the bridge. It's a strikingly beautiful drive that way. But the other way isn't bad, either.

I suppose I'll take advantage of LJ being down and maybe be productive today. :)
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