Feb. 7th, 2009

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It's been a busy couple weeks - and I'm exhausted and just trying to catch up on things I need to do now, mostly to keep myself sane. I'm looking forward to having a long weekend for Presidents Day. :)

Erich and Matt are off at a Star Wars d20 game today. Now that we're down to only one road-legal car for the household, it means that since they're up in Quincy, I'm homebound. A bit annoying, but I'm making the most of it I suppose. Played a bit of WoW, did some beta work, did some writing, got very yummy chicken wings, and now will be off to do some more writing before taking a late evening nap.

At 2 a.m., my guild will be doing a raid of Stormwind and Ironforge in WoW to finish off the "For the Horde!" achievement (hopefully) and get our war bear mounts. Because our server has a nasty 5 alliance to 1 horde ratio, the only time Horde has a remote chance of completing such quests are butt-ass late at night or butt-ass early in the morning.

So for tonight, I'll be pretending I'm still in college. :)

The long winter's starting to wear on me this year. I don't generally think I have a weather-affected mood disorder, but I'm definitely crankier this year. Tired of being paranoid about falling as I walk to work (I've wiped out twice this winter so far), tired of feeling the cold (it seems to be happening more as I get older), tired of the dry skin and cracked lips and cold sores that go with this time of year.

I'm ready for spring. Or at least to have the snow melt for a little while. I haven't seen bare ground in over a month now. :P The snow we have now fell on New Years Eve.

On the family health front...

Erich's dad is doing much better. Seems to be getting back to normal, and his diabetes is back under control. I think Erich's starting to breathe again.

Let's see... what else lately? Read Pillars of the Earth over the last couple weeks. Surprisingly good book. It moved right along, which was impressive with its bulk. I think now that I've seen a couple of Real Life Cathedrals (TM) I can appreciate the storyline a bit more. Or at least grasp onto it better.

Journey's End is on BBC-A in about a half hour. Debating whether I'll watch it or not. Aside from fic, I've been enjoying being out of fandom the last few weeks.

That's about me, other than a new style egg. :)

- Mel.



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